quarta-feira, 27 de julho de 2016

A small lesson in writing

6x7.5 Leather Journal / Notebook - Ruby Red:

A small lesson in writing

Whenever I stop to think about people it must be because it's a lovely day and I'm happy. Why happy? Because I woke up like this. Just as simple. 
Today I woke up feeling great so I even took my red notebook. I wanted to check out the gladness in other people. I went to my favorite café as I'm not working at the school today. Chang is a good friend I haven't seen for ages , so a man in the café, sitting next to the window reminded me of my Chinese fellow. I think he was studying as he used some paper with some notes to read a book which name I couldn't read due to a small gift bag with the word Sala. What is sala? 
The day is so cold, but on the way here, before I took the bus I saw someone brave enough to go hiking! I must not be the only one on their day off. The man in a camuflage jacket didn't look worried about working. 
The guys in the café I saw later, on the contrary, were highly debating some serious business. I must have seen at list three. Why do people work in cafés? That shouldn't be allowed. 
Bunny rings shouldn't be allowed either!

*This was an exercise of the course "start writing fiction"  found on www.futurelearn.com

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GIOvanni Gouveia disse...

And so, you met Juliana... ;)

Cristiane Prates disse...

Who is Juliana?

Cassio Prates de Lima disse...

Nice! You got my attention :D I wanna see more of this